Wednesday, 4 April 2012


So i was stressing today about how i'm going to start animating things.

I was brave and tried out one programme- Toom Boom. Only because, i remember that it has a an automated lip syncing system which i found quite appealing.

I basically mocked up some crucial mouth shapes made when speaking and imported the files along with the sound. It was pretty easy to do. However, the result wasn't all that convincing. I guess you can never fully rely on computers to do the tedious work for you... properly anyway.

I think i'll have to go in with the dopesheets afterall, and do it by hand in Flash. I'm also aware, watching this that the rest of the body is very static. For a test, i guess that's allowed. But it's also made me aware that as well as creating mouth pieces for the sound, i'll also have to make a number of eye and head movements so that the animation's more convincing.

It would also be good to have the body move around aswell- as he's also going to have arms and hopefully a drink.

It's gonna be hard work but thank god there aren't many scenes where this pernicketty stuff is involved. Maybe 3. But hopefully the effort will show through.

I'll do a test on Flash, and i guarantee it would look better. The only problem is that my Flash has a problem. The problem being that after the video is exported, the video always has glitches, so the only solution so far is to export every frame as an image file and then compile them altogether in Photoshop. I guess it's almost as equivalent of a 2-D render. Bloody Hell.

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