Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Revised Work Schedule

So now that my work is picking up, I thought i should probably have a plan of how to pace myself.
I already created a work schedule 2 months ago, but that was when I thought i was doing a different project- so when i looked back on it, i found that it didn't really match up with what i was doing and i needed a more detailed list of what to do.

Everything in my work schedule looks pretty understandable until about April 18th onwards, since i've actually planned to re-do and rethink parts of my animation. Yes, it might be a bit late to be doing that, but i've been needing the time to think of a suitable idea, and luckily, i have a bit of time to make these amends.

I'm the type of person who likes to work as they go along. I attempt to avoid the problems from the beginning, but will happily face them when I come to them. Hence, around April 23rd onwards, I'm recording or designing, minutes before i'm animating them.

I can't seem to think of more than one thing at a time! So i prefer to just get things sorted when they come along. Especially as this is the longest piece i'm going to produce, I'd like to keep my head screwed on as much as possible!

This work schedule will apply if I work EVERYDAY. Obviously, that won't happen.
But as there is 3 weeks where I'm just doing final touches to everything in weeks 15-17, I think this gives me some allowance to have a day off here and there so i don't go absolutely insane.

If i work at the same pace as i've been doing, I should be able to get this thing comfortably done on time :)

So err... Looking at the schedule, I should probably be starting to get Scene 9 underway. Ughhhhhh!

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