Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Friday, 21 May 2010

Starting the animating...

Okay i wanted to upload my animatic before the following video, but it's just not playing ball with the uploading milarky... i'll try to get it up another time..

This is just a simple playblast of the actual sequence without the camera angles just to show how i got things working and how everything linked together.. im sorry the video isnt better quality!! it looks better in the actual quicktime video (i hope!)

Friday, 14 May 2010

Further detail

Well i found out we have an extra week than i thought for the project so i spent some time making the kitchen more "kitcheney"

so i made these:



and this is what they looked like put into the room

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Set... so far

i'm trying to get the set done today...

it's definately taking a while, and with my perfectionist nature, i keep having the urge to make little things to decorate the kitchen with...
i play way too much Sims...

actually... looking at the print screen, the decorative border on the wall looks a bit too thick and high up... let's change that..


..and now with a sink! coz it looked a bit bare..

now to add in my other objects...

can you see how it's going to work? ^_^ (yep- vair vair simple)
makes me think... why so much work for a pile of very unrealistic looking objects eh?!! EHH?!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

New to texturing...

I thought i'd try and have a stab at some texturing today... it's a little tricky and since i'm still very new at this, all my objects still look a bit fake... but yeah, im happy with them and i think they get the job done..

im leaving the recipe books and the boxes til last as they need actual covers on them so they might take a little longer to do

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cuppy Cake

Coz it wouldn't be my animation without it...

no cherry since that's where it's going to go at the end of my animation :)

More Stuff...

Kitchen Cupboard (with fully functional doors) :)
I also put in some trendy hinges for extra detail... i was going to stick in some triangles to hold the shelves up like you do in real cupboards but i got stuck... :p
In the actual setting, i will have the doors ajar, to make it a little more realistic with the imperfections... also something's falling off the shelf so the door has to be open..

Cake Stand

Mixing Bowl
the first picture is one i tried to do like a week ago-so bad, i couldn't even figure out how to get the lattice or the cross section off... oh, and there was a hole in the bottom. Useful or what?

a week later, and i think this one is more acceptable :)

the stalk could probably use a bit of work... and i dont know how to get rid of that green line, so if anyone wants to help with that, that'd be nice
Add Video

Recipe book (without the recipes)

Monday, 10 May 2010

What the....?!!

Okay so fabulous story right, yesterday i tried to knuckle down with Maya and couldn't even churn out a spoon... I wanted to punch Maya in the face.

Fresh minded today, i went to my tutorial and managed to model a tray of butter and a knife, came home and thought i might try and make friends with Maya, and made a very pleasing spoon and wooden spoon also!! :)

Wicke' Cool Yeah?!

So here they are- not looking too happy though since i havent textured them yet- i thought i might save that until ive modelled everything since i get more marks for the modelling? (right?)

Okay so the reason the butter looks very blocky is that we (the tutor and i) had trouble rounding off the edges BECAUSE i want to animate a slice coming off (the slice is there but you cant see it)... and so if i was to round off the edges on 2 sections, there would be a very noticeable dent in the middle.. but luckily he said he wouldn't penalise me when it came to it since he pretty much knows what i'm trying to convey...

Knifey Knife!! complete with ribbed pattern where the blade and handle are separated.

i'm very happy with my attractive spoon, i spent 3 hours yesterday trying to work out how to do it, and came back today to have another stab and here it is!.. hooray!

this wooden spoon was tricky since the scoop part is alot different to my previous spoon, it's quite shallow and thick, i basically made the scoop from a very shallow sphere, cut in half and extruded the sides to make it taller, and Apended the Polygon to give it a lid. Copy and pasted the shape and used Boolean > Difference to cut out the scoop top. The handle is made separate since i wanted a circular end to the wooden soon, so i made this out of cylinder... i then punched a hole through the end of it to give that authentic wooden spoon look :)

... this is the work ive done so far today so hopefully more to come!!
(especially with the fact that i've only got 11 days free trial for Maya left :l )

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Intro to Digital Animation

So this term's been pretty much introducing ourselves to the works of Maya and creating little CG thingies... so i shall post up some pictures of little things ive done so far...

although being a fast(ish) learner, im definately finding the software tricky to grasp and there was so many ways to do things...

Below, is a hilarious picture of the first thing i created using Maya- just playing around really... kind of ended up as an overly cartoony ice cream/fish...

What i found out from using CG software is that the realistic outcomes arent really in my favour when it comes to my natural cartoony/graphic way of drawing, so im going to really need to develop my 3-D awareness and general formal drawing skills further.

This is a vase/pot i made in a tutorial at uni, learning how to use the CV curve tool to create cross sections and then using a button called "revolve" it makes it into a rather fancy rounded object...

So our brief this term is to create a 30-second CG animation based on "the domino effect" where something causes a chain reaction of consequences...
I came up with the theme of baked goods and bakery equipment (surprise, surprise)... and have mocked up the process in my sketchbook.. ive really had to study all the objects i'll be modelling on Maya so that all the angles looked perfect(ish)..

This is a screenshot of the setting in the making.. kitchen counter if you cant guess what it is!

further on...