Monday, 16 April 2012

Live Action Filming

Today, i filmed some scenes that i'll be rotascoping the background in. It's mostly towards the end of the animation when the styles are more played around with.

I had some help from my housemate, holding vegetables, wiggling them around and essentially trying to act through them. While i tried to get camera angles right.

We played the recorded script while we filmed so that we could get the wiggling and timing right, and also used a white background so that I could edit out the background later on the computer.

Here's some of the material we produced:

Part of Scene 16: Carrot Kidnap
So in this part, I wrapped one of my carrots in parcel string and dragged him across the frame to make him look like he was being kidnapped.

The first is quite long, and a bit too smooth.
The second is more jerky, like he's actually being tugged along. It's also alot faster, so i think i'll be using this one.

Scene 17: No vegetable has a juice
This is when other vegetables start to gang up on the carrot. I was too lazy and couldn't be bothered to go to the shop to buy a courgette as the speaker was meant to be. So i subbed him for a broccoli and brought in a yellow pepper too.. :P

The first video had a problem, there's a little loose swingy bit of broccoli that swings around an insane amount, and i was having troubles thinking about editing around that..

The second is much better, less swingy, and the wiggles match up to the sound.

The third was just a play on a different angle, it was actually a lot more difficult than i originally thought to fit 3 vegetables into a shot. Especially with that yellow pepper being so bright and big, it kept biffing the broccoli over. As a result, this one looked a bit messy and the focus is off.

Scene 18: Tell them it's not true
As an improvisation, i thought i might be quite funny to have the carrot tied up and swinging around as if they were all gonna beat him up while he's hung up. It makes it slightly more interesting than just having him tied up on the floor or in a chair.

You'll also get to see more of the live action movement in it which will give it a much nicer effect :)

I only wish that we had played the sound to this aswell, but we didn't so the wiggling doesn't quite fit with the voice.

The first video, the carrot was swinging with the top of his head to the camera....
Second, was better, a side on view and some tugging whilst talking..
Third, waaaay too swingy but then it could be funny if his face was zooming, swinging into the camera and out again... May have a look if this shot has potential.

Button walks towards Carrot
This part is just when Button responds to what Carrot said by stepping towards him with a baseball bat.
It was hard to get the camera to focus on the mushroom so close, but i think it might work out better than way...
I had to use a red background for this one, as the mushroom is so pale against the white, it would be hard time for me to cut him out of it.

The first is kind of a little boppy walk, which i'm not quite a fan of.
The second is more to my liking but it's quite fast, so i'm planning to pause it for a bit at the beginning, so this can be when he's playing with the baseball bat, before he comes forward.

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