Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Scene 9: Peapod

So i think i'll need a number of tests for this scene as there are a few tricky parts.
Including unzipping a peapod seductively, more lip syncing, a crying child and a dummy spat into the carrot's face.

This first test is of the unzipping, which seems to have worked pretty well. I just did it frame by frame as png images on photoshop and then put them in flash. I thought if i moved every single part it would get far too complicated.

The next test is just to make sure i'm getting the lip syncing right... I guess it looks okay but it doesn't actually match up... i then go to fiddle with it and it seems to make it work.. Hmm.. Well, it's only a short scene so hopefully no one will be too fussy :P

So before I give up for today, this what i've produced today... I think the timing of the dummy being spat out needs some work and it needs to turn a bit as it's spat out- i'll finish it off tomorrow. Oh, and i also need to get some sucking sounds and the child crying. Hopefully i can find that off a free sound site before i go stealing candy from children.

Actually, looking at it- i think it's all fine... don't know if that's just because i'm feeling lazy or because i actually think it's fine. Feedback showed that it was fine too so maybe i should just move on..

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