Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Scene 8: Pervy eyes for the Butt Ernut Squash

So today i've started on scene 8 so far. This is when carrot chats up a butternut squash. I wanted the butternut squash to make a jerky entrance, similar to cut outs- just for humour value, which was pretty easy to do. However, swinging the carrots eyes down so he can check her out is proving trickier than i thought. I have two different versions, a more exaggerated and more subtle...

Although i've stuck tweens between the eye movements, it still seems a little jerky... not sure why. But before i fix anything, i think i need to decide on which movement i'll be going for:

The more exaggerated:

The more subtle:

After asking 2 of my housemates for their opinions on these, they both opted for the more subtle. And suggested a flirty/pervy eyebrow raise as he clocks her bum which i agreed would make a nice addition. So i've had a go at putting these in and i think it makes it a lot clearer before he started to talk to her.

I also went ahead and did the lip syncing. It was pretty spot on apart from needing to lengthen the pause after he says "Hey Babe"...

i'm now going to animate the background (just animating some bubbles in the bar pole) and maybe adding a shoulder bop at the beginning so it looks like he's bopping along to the music. I'll also need to decide whether to give the butternut squash a face. AND THEN pop some bursts of bright colour on it to give the illusion of disco lights.

I found that when timing his head bops- i needed to have chosen the sound track that will be in the club. So i found a track from a free fx website- royalty free of course! I needed a song that wasn't going to have a climax in it and seemed pretty predictable so that it wouldnt take anything away from the animation. The lights were quite startling and caused a few epileptic fits until it came to decision that it would be best to subtly fade them in and out.

A few finer details were brought when i was given further feedback from my housemates. They suggested that I should make the butternut squash more noticeable as a woman- either with stereotypical accessories or a face (both of which are pretty hard to do when the character is meant to be facing away, and more importantly, only 2-D).

A brilliant suggestion was just to give her a bigger bum. So a bigger bum she has. A more defined bum makes for a better pervert.

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