Friday, 4 December 2009


this is the second-to-final thing, minus the background which i almost forgot to do!
i really hope it doesnt screw up because last time i introduced photoshop into my animation, the timing got screwed up.

Test 11- Nearly there

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Life drawing

These are a few sketches that i did in life drawing classes, i have other observational drawings in my sketchbook, i would scan them in but it would take about a year!! so if you'd like to see them, please let me know :)

Sorry if there are light reflections off of it, i don't have a scanner so i had to take pictures of them... and also sorry if they're a bit wonky, my friend had to hold them up for me :(

30 mins

10 min

10 min

15 min each

No looking! >.<

30 min

3 min

3 min

can't remember >.<

10 min moving poses

can't remember...

moving pose (time forgotten)

Nearly finished...

I filmed the whole of my animation today just to see if it worked- it was a rough idea and was expecting to find a few glitches or bad lip syncs that i could improve on but it seemed pretty smooth so i'm happy with that.

All i need to now, i guess is to finish inking, film and possibly colour and add in the background!

Test 10- Rough idea

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Plodding on...

Argggghhh!! I've worked pretty much to the core today- i even have the drawing bump to prove it!

Anyway, from where i left off, I was literally doing the last leg of the entire animation.... So the original plan was that when the angel says "Yeah... Sort of...", she'd be scratching her head in a guilty manner. Next, the rest of the animation would be a close-up of the devil replying, and during the speech of the angel, he'd be looking left to right quickly as if thinking quickly of a plan... (still with me?!)

I'm sure once you see the tests you'll get what i mean...

Test 8- Attempting the end
Okay, so what i found from this, is that the angel's head scratch is pretty fab (unless her lip syncing is off)... But the devil is less so, his eyeballs literally look like theyve dropped in their sockets and are rolling around at the bottom. So numero 1, too fast, and err... that's it. You can't even tell what he's trying to do- it's that awful! I looked back to the dope sheet to see if i could slow it down and fit it into the timing, but alas, it wasn't going to make it easy.

If i was to slow it down to a normal pace, there literally would only be enough time for a look to the left and then to the right (which would make it look like he's trying to search for something, or just seen something run past -_-')... Basically, to rectify this, I had to think of an entirely different way he could convey his emotion that wouldnt involve Mr. Rolly-Eyeballs making another appearance...

SOOOO!! I went along with a simple slow lowering of the eye vision, as if thinking and a stare as in he's taking in what she's saying and listening.. hopefully this next test shows that.

Test 9- Polishing the ending
I have to say, i'm happy with the decision i made, and even with the audio, the lip syncing is pretty much spot on!... So after that previous hurdle, I was definately thankful for this little morale boost :) whooohoo!!

Plans for tomorrow:
  • Film the entire animation.
  • Find out any lip syncing glitches by adding/removing/editing frames and noting them down on the dope sheet.
  • Film the animation again.
  • If it's fine, ink up all the frames (incl. backgrounds)
  • Film the final animation.
  • Edit the animation so the backgrounds are in place.
  • Note any changes that had to be made in my sketchbook.
(My boyfriend wanted a quick mention for some reason... So "Hello there, Rhys!!" :) x

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Devil and Angel Cont'd

I've been busy getting my head down to do some animation work worthy of tests! The only problem that i found was that, although i could easily do line tests to see if the animation flowed, i wasn't able to sync the animations with the audio clip until i got home, which by then i'd have to remember what i'd have to improve on and do it the next day...

Test 2- Angel dropping her head
The title literally speaks for itself, it was just a quick test to see whether i had the angel's head dropping convincingly... which i think it is! whooohooo! Although, i'm not sure why the background is pink- i apologise for that.

Test 3- Angel's first dialogue
This was the hardest, and although it doesn't look it, it WAS the hardest part in the animation so far to do, and at first, it looks alright, but once i managed to sync the dialogue with it, it looked like the angel was speaking too slowly, so i need to sort that out, possibly take out a few frames... Also, her gesture at the end, when she raises to hug the pencil, her arms seems to be quite choppy and the motion isn't smooth enough, a few inbetweens should hopefully smooth that out... And, is it me? Or does it look like she's gradually leaning forward/slanting at the end?

Test 4- Improving the previous flaws and a bit more...
This was literally just a test to iron out the previous problems before i forgot them. I added a few more inbetweens to the arm bend which hopefully makes it look slightly more realistic, and i started animating the devil's second dialogue, and making sure the stronger point he'll be doing is also working... which i think it is :)

Test 5- Close-up Angel
[Blogger's not letting me upload this video at the moment]
The first of the close-ups is the angel when she starts to get annoyed and pushes her body forward in frustration, and as she does so, her hair flings forward. I'm aware that this test isn't very polished but it WAS only 4 frames just to make sure i was getting the movement right... and it's a good thing i checked because i wasn't!! haha... the hair was defying physics and going the wrong direction which gave it a slightly wooden look and it didn't flow at all. Time to fix it...

Test 6- Close-up Angel Take 2
I managed to fix it, lip sync n all! and i've gotta admit, i'm pretty damn proud of this :).. was just a simple case of applying my timing and spacing knowledge from a previous project.

Test 7- Close-up Devil
Lol! i wasn't sure with the body being so still, that it was going to be very effective but i think it's quite good, the fact that he looks so serious but all he's doing is holding/looking at his burger, works somehow... Or maybe most of his expressive is easily read off his face, or the lip sync is passable.. Either way, i'm happy with this.

So far, so good, but i've still got 4 seconds to go... Who knows?!! It might not all be so peachy :(