Thursday, 26 April 2012

Scene 3: Raw Magnetic Attraction

In this scene, i just needed a filler- i noticed this as i've been compiling the full animation as i've been going along. In scene 3, there's some still images being shown, but the script is too long for the images, so i thought i could do a small animated filler.

This filler will be the carrot talking in his armchair, as he will be for another filler in scene 2 (another gap that ive noticed i need to fill) and scene 1.

This first test is to make sure the lip syncing is right:

Seems okay, now onto animating the eyes and blinks...


It all seems A-Okay so far... But i think to add a bit more flair, it would be great if i could get him to have some arms, as in the original concept, he's actually holding a martini glass:

It might take some time but if he waved around a glass while we was talking- that would be brill. I'll need to do the same for scene 2's filler and scene 1.


So the arms are done- they're quite rough, but they're as smooth as i can get them at the moment... it's a shame his arms are orange too- you can't really see the arm that lies across him very much... but besides that, i've managed to animate both arms so i'm pretty happy with the progress today...

It also means i can use all these assets for the other 2 scenes i need them for :)

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