Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Frame Size

I've finally managed to figure out how to cut the frame size down on final cut pro so that i stop getting that black letter box framing the outside, so i've uploaded a version that doesn't have it.

However, upon looking back, I really should have used a generic PAL frame size so that it wouldn't look weird full-screened, nor would it lose too much quality when it was made bigger.

I'm kinda feeling the regret now... For some reason I was just set on the frame size that was default on Flash: 550 x 400.

Damn you Flash. Why ARE you that size?!!

The best way to watch this video is in a tiny window on quicktime- then everything looks sharp. Probably as big as the video window up there ^^... Which is miniscule!!


Monday, 14 May 2012

Post Production & Feedback

Sorry for the quietness- I've been working on Scene 19, the live action carrot massacre, the overall sounds of the final animation and general edits. I've been having a real problem with timing, apparently that's my only downfall according to my housemates, who have been regularly watching my work and basically witnessing the process from start to finish. Throughout this production line, they've constantly been poking and pointing me in the right direction which i'm incredibly thankful to them for!

So far, with their feedback, this is what i've produced. There are still some tweaks that need err... tweaking:

On top of this first test i've uploaded, I felt i needed some feedback from fresh eyes, so i've posted this first test video onto the BCU Animation Students Facebook Group:

As much as I appreciate those "Likes", i wish they were converted to constructive feedback -_-', suppose I can't complain. So far, the general consensus seems to be to just focus on refining and shortening the carrot massacre scene, which is totally doable, thank god. 

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the god-awful cheesy music. I thought it stuck out like a sore thumb, but without the music it didn't seem to be effective. Therefore, I have a love/hate relationship with the soundtrack. However, no one has mentioned it, so i guess it's not that prominent?... Let's hope i get some more..



I've been told that one way i could improve the music if i'm unhappy with it would be to keep to only one track from scene scene 17 to 19, but just make sure it gets louder during the torture scene for more dynamic, then it should stop as soon as the knife stops.

This sounds like a really good idea so i'll have to see what that looks like:

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Scene 1: Intro Cont'd

So i believe today i'm continuing this scene and sorting out the acting. I'm quite worried about how this scene will turn out, I want it to be really good as it's the first scene you see of the animation.
However, it'll probably end up being of the same standard as the rest of it.

Animating the eyes and blinks:

Animating the arms and brows:

Although this was intended to be a test, I quite like the subtle movement in it, so i might keep it how it is. Or am i just being lazy? I'll have to come back to it if I feel that it needs something else, but for now i'm pretty satisfied.

The next thing I've done is tried to merge the title sequence and scene 1 together to make it seem like a convincing transition, typical for television:


I've just realised I forgot to put in the carrot's stats at the beginning- just to add that extra finish to it. So here it is:

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Scene 1: Intro

Today's been a hectic day.
Don't even ask...

I've basically had to do the same 2 tasks (dopesheeting and lip syncing) twice today because uni computers are crap and life hates me.

On the bright side, I've managed to record the missing 2 scenes! Still no word on the "Next time" extra that I want to add on if i have time.

Here's me trying to match up the lip syncing first on this first scene, before I do the acting. The first part doesn't really matter in terms of acting or matching or anything actually, since this will probably be covered with the title sequence as it fades in.

Forget that he has no eyes for now- I'm just focusing on his mouth.

It's so hard to lip sync when words slur together naturally... Particularly towards the end, you can tell i've really struggled with this.

It's pretty late so i might work on the acing tomorrow...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Scene 20: Engagement

This was a last minute thought, I thought my animation ended quite abruptly, and not only that, I was intending to have a still image up for quite some time, which would be not only boring, but viewers might even think that the animation has frozen.

There's been new script that's been added so that it ties everything together. Hopefully the following image will be able to show what happens in the end.

Another after thought is that I might have a "Next Time" scene right at the end. It'd be a clip from next week's episode, of some other vegetables hopefully saying something hilarious- which would be a really nice way to end the animation.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Title Sequence

I'm really aiming for something really cheesy and a little bit ghastly.

This is what I've produced so far...  I chose for autumnal vegetably colours to filter the images. I wanted something simple, corny but got the point across. Obviously it will also be more effective once i've got the sound on it.

Having done that, I've tried to put some music tracks over it. But I'm actually finding this a lot more difficult than i originally anticipated... I don't actually have a lot of experience in putting music behind animations, let alone a cheesy title sequence. It's quite hard to think of what kind of mood i'm wanting, as well as finding a free sound (i'm using Garageband), AND being able to cut it to a decent length so that the music doesn't stop really suddenly- as it's only a short time that this sequence is actually up.

This first one has more a cheeky, cheerful feel. I find it also has that kind of boring talk show melody, the type that kids would turn off but totally suits the middle aged market for television. I quite like it, but it was hard to cut down the music for this one. And as a result, I think that the stamp of "exposed" on the title is timed a bit weirdly when played with the music:

This next one is a bit more jazzy, a bit more modern and rock. It kind of gives it a more exciting and american reality TV feel almost. I think the timing is a lot better than the previous one. It's just a matter of which mood I prefer... Or not at all! I could choose a different track altogether if my feedback pushes me to:

Scene 0: Title Sequence

So i've decided to go for a title sequence after all, to give it that cheesy talk-show vibe.
I'm definitely aiming for the cheesier the better- so if my title sequence has made your toes curl, i know i've succeeded.