Thursday, 12 April 2012

Scene 12: Grill Tanning

I'm still chugging along here- but these dope sheets are making my brain and face hurt so i might have to give it up soon...

I thought i'd just whip out the first part of scene 12 before i finish up for the day. I'm getting pretty used to creating the facial expressions for lip syncing on photoshop now- and for the speed i'm going at, i'm very thankful.

This first part is literally just straight forward lip syncing- so this first test is just to test the link-up..

The second part of the speech involves the carrot sitting up and taking off his tanning goggles, which i don't think i have the energy for- so i'll have to sort that out tomorrow- luckily, i think it'll be pretty straight forward..

Okay, so looking at this video, the sound doesn't link up (as always) so i'm going to have to go back in and polish this up..


Now this one looks slightly better- his lips flap around a bit because i made them a little too big- but that's fine :P

So this section of this scene is done for tonight... i'll do the second half tomorrow.

Night world x

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