Thursday, 12 April 2012

Scene 10 & 11: Beer Goggles

So this is the scene i'm doing today- i started late due to a random wild goose chase looking for a patisserie this morning... Anyway, never mind that.

This is the part when carrot (yup, he still has no name), reminisces about a bad account of beer goggles. It starts off with him talking over the memory. He's in bed and wakes up to something unexpected. The gag being that it wasn't a brussels sprout at all- but a huge giant friggin cabbage. I'm not sure it's all that clear if i didn't tell you that he was talking about a sprout he thought he met.

Anyway, this is what i've done so far.

I think the pause needs to be longer before the still comes in... And if i can, i think it might be good if there was some animated smoke coming off the cigarette, even though it's just a still image- i think it might add a bit of edge to it so it wouldn't be so static.


So i had a go at adding a little bit more atmosphere with the smokey ceiling and the smoke coming out of her cigarette. This was actually pretty hard to do. It actually got to the point where I:

1) created a smoke stream on photoshop
2) cut it up into 16 layers
3) saved it as a .psd file
4) imported it into flash
5) created a symbol for the smoke
6) made a symbol within the smoke itself
7) keyframe animated layers of the smoke so i could animate it trailing upwards

I even had to make sure the front and the back of the animation linked up so that it could repeat itself and wouldn't jump. It may be simple to most but it was puzzling at the time for me. Here's the evidence:

Above- a nice smoke stream with parts edited out- mid animation

Keyframing animated smoke O_O' 

16 layers?!! just for a bloody smoke stream?!! dear god. Even i think that's too much work for a tiny bit of smoke that you probably won't be able to see in the updated animated scene:

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