Saturday, 16 April 2011

Finding a Style

I've decided to do a mini project on the side of all my uni projects. It all started before Easter when i was stressing out because all my drawings look different and i still haven't yet come up with my own style of drawing. So i've given myself an exercise.

1) Sketch a few images of myself so at least i can draw myself in this new style i'll be finding
2) Draw myself in several different styles
3) Find styles i like and draw myself in those styles
4) Merge them together
5) Using inspiration from photos, draw them out in the new style.

Here are a few sketches i've done so far, yes i know some are crap but it's all trial and error:

Biro: close study of my face in the mirror. Manipulating eyes and using that as a starting point.

Biro: drawing of myself using one of the styles of eyes i created as an anchor.

Biro: found a pose online i liked and recreated it. Focusing mainly on hair flow.

Mechanical Pencil: based on an image found on deviantart but drawn in my progressing style.

Biro: drawing of myself from imagination. Slightly messy since the pen decided to fart every so often and the right arm looks strangely long.

Mechanical Pencil: took inspiration from a found vector style and adapted my own interpretation. Turned into a fitness instructor and annoyingly, reminds me of Bratz.

Mechanical Pencil: first attempt at drawing from a photo reference. Girl on the right has a really squished forehead, placed her too far in... oh well, you live and you learn.

Mechanical Pencil: few sketches of myself from photo references using my new style.

Mechanical Pencil: same as above, but started drawing a few friends from photo references too. Their eyes have to be slightly different as they're Caucasian so need to figure out how to draw for them too.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Let's get together! Yeah, yeah, yeah!!

Today, we took pictures in a pixelation style of Chris dressed in a tracksuit for the Rolo advert. The idea was that we'd upload these pictures onto the computer and replace his head with Warren's (the rapper head) and alter the colour of the tracksuit etc.

Here is some evidence of the antics we got up to today:

Chris working out how to use the tripod

Happy prospectus picture of Ashlea and Chris laughing at the tripod panel

Not our finest moment. Figuring what the hell to do now that we've switched on the computer.

Me helping with camera focusing.

Me doing chinese pose while helping with camera focusing

Marking down Chris' position with masking tape

Taking photos...