Thursday, 29 March 2012

Yet More Stills

Just ones i did today when the carrot (oh yeah i still haven't thought of a name for him!!) reminisces about his childhood with Button.. I've done a wide establishing shot and a close up- pretty similar.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Recording Sound

So i finally got round to recording most of the script (most, because im thinking of changing parts, but i can easily go back and do that)...

My lovely boyfriend agreed to be a poncy douchey carrot voice, inspired by those awe-inspiring accents from Made in Chelsea haaa...

Here is some photographic evidence, check out the professionalism!

When infact, we had no idea how to use any of the fancy equipment, so this is what we ACTUALLY did...

Far less impressive with a cardboard poster tube as a mic stand and a tiny recorder borrowed from his housemate. Student Lyf.

I also look unimpressed.
But i'm not really, except at my ginormous calves in this picture. Attractive.

Have an amusing blooper from today:

I have many more- but they're not quite as amusing. Enjoy sparingly.


So i thought I would produce a handy animatic to get an idea of what the animation will flow similar to- also to get a feel for the timings. It's still very rough and most likely, i'll change a lot of the scenes as i go along and change story ideas.

Ending Shot

So this is the still to end the animation with...
Hopefully i've made the situation in the image clear enough!
I was debating whether or not to have the presents in the left bottom corner... but it looked a bit bare without anything there... maybe it would look more like a family photo without them?? how do i make something look like a photo??!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I can nearly start...

Finally!! i'm only behind on my work schedule by 1003948 weeks! but oh well..

So i've finished the script- hopefully recording it tomorrow so that i can dopesheet it up and start animating... just getting a few last minute things done before i start... including a really late redo character design of Tammy the Tomato:

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Jacket Potato

He's a bit hardcore

New Direction

So having gone to uni and received feedback, I found i was on the right track but needed to up the ante on the comedy value... so i've redone the script- so that it has more of a narrative and you learn a bit more about the extra characters.

It does mean however, that some of the work i've done on the stills wouldn't be used, and i have to make new images for the new script.. I also still have to storyboard the script, and decide which animation styles are going where, record the voice, dopesheet it, and finally, ANIMATE. phew. alot to do.

Anyway, for one part of the story, Carrot talks about how his sex tape got leaked. Quite literally... So i've been doing the rather disturbing imagery for that. IT might not be mega kinky but i would be lying if i said i felt entirely comfortable doing it :P

I still need to greyscale it and make it look like it;s on a newspaper, but the base of the image is done anyway (i think).

The faces are simplistic and different from the other images, but i think i like that... Anyway, have a look for yourself.

From this (provocatively placed veggies):

To this:

Okay... So 40 mins later, and i've tried my best to make it look like it's been papped into a newspaper:

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Interview Lounge

I'm very undecided about how this turned out.... Whether it's the overuse of collaged images... i dont know whether it takes away from the carrot... also the light from the lamp- distracting?? but without it it looks like it lacks some atmosphere?... maybe the light's the wrong colour?... i don't know..

Also, i went over and corrected the still image of the carrot cake- more depth and more crumbly!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sauna steamer

can you tell he's in a bamboo steamer??

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Just Grillin'

This is what i spent today doing- a carrot tanning under a grill with stupid goggles on... i'm still halfway through trying to draw a funny carrot newspaper.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

The last of the dishes

I finished these off this morning... carrot and coriander soup and carrot cake.

 still one more still to go.

now im looking at it, i think that cake could do with more crumbs...

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Yes this pretty much took a day...

Don't ask me how- it just did- and somehow i got neck ache from it too :(...

Prize if you can guess what it is

Still halfway thru an image of soup..