Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I'm sorry Blog.

I've been pretty absent lately, mainly because i was stupid and i thought my Digital Animation client deadline was Nov 9th, not Dec 9th -_-' Fail.
So yes, i had locked myself in my room for many days and once i was told, i grew regrettably complacent, and now im feeling the burn again.

So once i figure out how, i will be trying to upload some screenshots of my work so far (but blogger hates me and wouldnt let me upload pictures last time so yeah, hopefully i can get round this).

BESIDES THIS, i went to uni yesterday (hooray!!) to do lots of work (boo...) and we had a nice task to do, studying the structure of stories and the way the 3 Act Structure.


We did a class exercise on learning these new principles by applying them to a 10 minute film we watched called Joyride:

Considering this video was for a small class task we had to do, I quite enjoyed it since no 1. i usually get so confused in films and i actually understood this, and no. 2 well it was just quite fun to watch.
It's about an engineer that gets captured on his late shift by some scots on a joyride. He's attacked with what looks like a miniture fire axe, is tied up and bundled into the trunk of his car while the attackers get in and drive around. The crafty engineer, while in the boot of the car, hacks out the wire for one of the tail-lights of the car with his foot, police catch on and make the guys pull over to question them about the faulty tail light. The police, we assume are also hacked with the miniture fire axe in a scene that very much reminds me of a scene in Kill Bill (particularly at 3:20 - 3:45)

As they drive on, more police chase after. The guy in the boot cuts himself free with a sharp object in the boot and manages not only to spill a load of petrol on himself (smooth) but also disconnect the wires to the headlights, and because the drivers can't see where they are going, crash into the woods and one of the scots goes through the windscreen. The man makes a break for it, but the last attacker restrains him and ensures his silence with a knife to his throat, as they back towards the car, a sudden touch of wires in the car meant the car alarm was sounded, allowing the police to know where they are. During the surprise, the engineer nutted the scot and ran free. He found he was back to where he was at the beginning of the story at a faulty sparking pylon he was meant to fix. The pylon sparks up again, and a sound of combustion is heard...
Can anyone say "IRONYYYY?!!!"