Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Timing and Spacing: Bouncy Balls

i was quite excited about this project, but i found it difficult to think of how to make mine unique in the sense it wouldn't just be a typical bouncy ball falling from the sky and coming to a stop. I did have an interesting idea of drawing a ball bouncing up the stairs as you would see from behind, and the stairs would pan out forward so the animation could continue on a loop- but as soon as i started to figure out how the stairs would increase in scale and angle, i soon scrapped the idea...

i had to quickly think of another idea, something more simple but would show off what ive learnt this week. So i decided to do a series of different balls, falling down some stairs, coming down, and whatever else i could think of!.. and due to the paper shortage, i thought a shorter animation with more balls showing understanding of timing and spacing would be more appropriate.

First Test- Bouncy ball going down the stairs (and turning into a hole)
This was the first ever animation i did to show spacing and timing and actually making something look vaguely realistic, and i was extremely happy with the turn out. It also helped me fully understand the concept of more frames = slower, less frames = faster movement.

Second Test- Adding in the bowling ball
I did a second test, when i added in a bowling ball in pencil to see what it would look like and if the movement was correct... (it was, incase you were wondering) but for some reason, when i exported it onto my USB it came out blank so the video isn't here anymore... :( but i swear i did do it!... and since i want to work more on my animation tonight, i WILL be inking over the bowling ball- so if you were really looking forward to this video, i'm very sorry. Just watch my final one and imagine the bowling ball in pencil.. kay?

So far, i think it's looking pretty good (well, i think so anyway :p) i'm really enjoying the fact i can just go back to the original frames and add little bits- saving paper AND making it more interesting! SCORE!

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