Thursday, 29 October 2009

6 week Project: Cont'd again

Test 9- Cherry Fall Complete
Today i managed to redraw the last few frames from yesterday and made the movement of the eyes smoother. I did four frames to stop hsi eyes when looking down and looking up so that the audience can grasp the emotion that he's just realised what's happened. I also started drawing the next section of the cupcake covering the space on his head.

Test 10- Testing the Ending
I think i managed to convey the embarrassed shuffle off the screen quite well... I doubled the frames during the the tilt to the left and when both feet are on the ground normally... this was to emphasise the side step, so that he wouldnt look like he was galloping across the screen.

The Finished Animation
I'm quite happy with what i produced in 4 days... an 18 second animation which is fairly smooth... now with my remaining time, i plan to refine my sketchbook before my assessment, and possibly colour and put music behind my animation :)

...And with colour...
I'm aware that the animation with colour is faster, infact a whole 2 seconds shorter. This was because, when i imported it into photoshop, i had to redo the timing for some reason. I tried desperately to get it as close as possible to the original... This is the most forgiving one i produced out of any of the times. The colours i chose were of a soft palette, just to keep the childish nature of the cupcake

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