Wednesday, 28 October 2009

6 Week Project: Cont'd

I did like a million tests today just to get this little guy to thrust just right.

Test 5- Perfecting and Starting the 2nd Thrust
i perfected the turn, as on my last test from yesterday, the turn was slightly off- there was a glitch so i added in an inbetween and smoothed that out. I also started the 2nd thrust, it was just the key frames as i was slightly unsure of whether i should add in an inbetween if i wanted the movement quicker... But no, i learnt from this test that pretty much, whatever the speed of the thrust, you do need an inbetween to stop it from jumping.

Test 6- 2nd Thrust Complete
The title pretty much sums this test up. Gareth recommended some music just to go behind this one test, and it was so effective that i laughed until i cried. I might go back to this at the end if there is any time to just make a short. (Riverside- Sidney Sampson)- it was hard to reject this song for the final thing because it worked strangely well, it does have some swearing in it and i remember one of the criteria was for the animation to be non-offensive. Does that count?

Test 7- 3rd Thrust Complete
Since I'd already done the 2nd thrust, i kind of knew what to do from then on so i didn't think i really needed to do a test half-way for the 3rd... And luckily, i was right, it turned out fine (everything in 3rd thrust 12fps) and it makes me laugh EVERYTIME! look at that cupcake go!

Test 8- Having a Stab at the Ending
I started filming from the end to make the most of my time... i already knew the rest worked. Obviously this ending isn't the final one, it was just to get an idea of what i'm going to do tomorrow. Just a template. I think the fall of the cherry is fine... however, when the cupcake looks up, the drawings look a bit sloppy and it's quite choppy in the eye-movement. That's when i realised how exhausted i was and to call it a day. Tomorrow i will be redrawing the last 3 frames in that test and carrying on with the end of it... with a bit of hard work, i could be finished that day too!

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