Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Final Bouncy Ball Animation

i managed to finish my animation, i inked in my mini bowling ball as planned and added an extra ball to the final thing- testing it first of course!

Adding the basketball
i know the stairs disappear after a bit, but this was only a rough test to see whether id mapped out the movement of the basketball properly before inking in the background. And again, because of the paper shortage, ive been pencilling in the movement, just to make sure- instead of launching myself into the pen straight away as i so often love to do -_-'

Final Animation
i'm quite happy with how my animation turned out, i added shadows to add an extra depth to the whole video, i was also thinking that with my remaining time, i could add in more balls, but then i thought there would be too much going on, and it would start to get too confusing to watch. I could also have made the animation longer, but with the lack of paper to go around- the things i could do with my leftover time seems pretty limited.


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