Thursday, 22 October 2009

Anticipation: Special Kid on the Swing

i was a tad naughty and forgot to blog the stuff i did yesterday so im going to have to do it in one huge blog- so hold tight.
I wanted my anticipation project to be slightly different to most people's bog standard jump in several amusing scenerios... so i thought i'd draw a kid swinging back and forth on a swing (who happened to look a bit special) until he's flung into the air, makes a very happy leap into the air before landing.
I knew this project was going to be a challenge to finish as quickly as i usually do, and just a challenge in general but i was up for it. It was the momentum of the swing that threw me at first, to make it look realistic swinging about, how it gets slower at the peaks before needing less frames when it swings low....
Key frames. They have been responsible for saving my mental condition many times. Thank you key frames.

Test 1- Testing the Swing
Okay, so at this point, it hadn't even crossed my mind to be aware of the spacing and timing, despite being adamant that id learnt this concept thoroughly last week!.. whoops. So in this first test, the swing goes back and forth- not realistically, but it does swing. I realised what had to be done, more inbetweens, slow down the swing at the peaks and speed up on the lower swings.

Test 2- The Swing
I'll be brutally honest, this was incredibly difficult to shoot- partly because i was reusing frames, there was no real order i could put the frames in, but i tried my godammned hardest. It's all a bit sketch in this test, figuring when to double the frames and single others... but i think it worked out fairly well (for a test anyway).. i guess if i wanted to know precisely which frames i wanted to use, i'd have given them all a number and written an order of frames down... but im not nearly as patient as that. But despite this, i was quite happy at this point so i moved on...

Test 3- The Jump
I'm not going to lie, i thought this wasn't going to work out as well as it did. But with a few double frames being removed, and actually getting rid of some of my inbetweens to speed up action, it worked out pretty damn well!... go me!

The Final Thing
This is it!.. if i was being very critical about my work, i'd say the starting kick off swing is a little weird but you can still get the jist, but again, it was a hard perspective to grasp so i reckon it could have been alot worse. I like how the kid pauses at his little jump :)... i only wish i could colour it, but since i dont have photoshop at home at the moment, it's proving difficult.

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  1. That final sequence is great, I love the guys face during the hang time, nice work :D