Tuesday, 27 October 2009

6 Week Project: 20 seconds please

So for this week, we have to have completed a 20 second max. animation on absolutely anything (non-offensive of course).. i found this brief quite difficult because it's so open.
I decided to think of something i would:
  • find quite entertaining (therefore humorous),
  • something quite original,
  • hopefully clever (although it didnt quite turn out to be :p),
  • something simple enough to complete in the short time,
  • yet still be effective,
  • something surreal (i like to use my imagination)
Enter, "Frosty, the Pelvic-Thrusting Cupcake".
At first, the idea seemed pretty stupid. But the more i thought about it, that could be part of the genius behind it. Yes, it doesn't make sense (people would find that funny), and there's no real story (so everyone can enjoy it!), but it's fairly original, dancing food has all been done before but you wouldn't BELIEVE! i tried so hard to research for any animations already created specifically on dancing cupcakes and there were none! So hence, my stupid idea = highly original. GENIUS.

Although, at first it sounds like not alot, i guess i lied, it does have a story. The little cupcake is happy, he enjoys a good thrust. He thrusts all day long. He gets very energetic in his thrusting to the point his poor little cherry falls off, he feels naked and shuffles off in embarrassment.

What limited me to creating anything that was probably more sensible, was the time limit we were given. It's easier to make people laugh in 20 seconds than any other emotion. That's what i think anyway.

Some Prior Research
Excuse any laughing, it's really hard to do this without feeling like a complete fool. If i have fun doing the research- it's a good chance i'll enjoy the project.

Test 1- Key frames
This first test only consists of 2 frames repeated. I just wanted to make sure i had the positioning right. The arms look a bit peculiar... maybe some inbetweens will sort that out?

Test 2- Key frames + Inbetweens
I'm quite happy with the movement, it's definately getting there, but the arms still seem to shuffle around a bit, i might need to go back and alter the frames to exaggerate the movements slightly more. It's also a tad slow, i'm thinking i could afford to lose some inbetweens to make it faster. Kelvin also told me i could have animated the cherry stalk to sway back and forth as secondary animation. Goddamn his good idea, why did i have to ink first?!!! :( will have to remember for next time.

Test 3- Completing the Thrust
I think the speed of the thrust is definately more believable- it's a snappier movement so the timing had to be made quicker. I also made the outward thrusts 3 frames and the inbetweens 1, altered the frames to remove the his left arm (our right) to emphasise the thrust that little bit more. Time to carry on...

Test 4- Thrust and Turn
I'm very happy with how smooth this turned out to be. I definately found this very difficult in the first day, it was the perspective (always the perspective) of a surreal inanimate object and trying to create how it would move if it was alive and what angle would be realistic when it thrusts. The turn overall is pretty good, i'm just going to add in an inbetween between his final thrust on the left and turning to the middle as it jumps a little there.

COMING UP- Working hard in the classroom...

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