Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Illusion of Life: Exaggeration

i sketched out different emotions from people posing for me and gathered material off the internet, looking at typical emotions and slightly exaggerating each one by pulling at the shape of the face and adding in mood lines... from there, after planning and choosing my final ones, i attempted the final animation and did a series of tests along the way, not all good unfortunately...

First Test- Shocked to Nervous (1 sec)
i realised after this test that her expression wasnt exaggerated enough so i'l add in a few more frames to pull her face a bit more later...

Second Test- Nervous to beginning of Freak Look (2 sec)
Unfortunately her left eye (our right) seems to drift off her face and almost explodes :/.. So i got rid of those few frames and plan to redo them so that her eye stays slightly more normal!

First Week Project: Flickbook
I created this blog after i did this project and forgot to post it up. It was a group project, and our's was passing a bomb around as a loop. Although i don't have the entire group animation, I do have mine. It has been drawn on 100 sticky post-its! If i was to do this again, i would change to animation paper if i could, this would mean that the digitised version would be more accurate but as a flickbook, i might have to stay with the sticky notes. I'd also take more care that the stupid mirror doesn't change shape and the bomb doesn't change size -_-'...

At the moment i'm trying to locate the file... I think it might still be on the computer at uni.
So for now this link will have to satisfy your bomb flickybook thirst.

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  1. Looks great so far, did you work from photos/mirror? Using the different thicknesses of lines makes it look really unique ^_^