Thursday, 5 May 2011

Attempt to Sync... Preparing to Sink

Right, so after some much arduous lassoing on photoshop, and using the colour replacement tool for the tracksuit etc.. I've started to animate and compile the images together to make a sort of cut-out pixilation type of animation. It's still VERY rough and there are blank parts still which i need to fill with err stuff.

Here's a bit on what i've done so far:

1. it doesn't quite sync up with the sound as much as i'd like- maybe i need to go over this and sort this out (even though i have got a dopesheet, maybe it just needs some manual adjusting)

2. he drops his bag too suddenly

3. i think the intro bit should move up closer to the rest of the animation, so that the full view of the character isn't so strange.. the rather large portion at the beginning where there is no sound can probably be cut out.

4. it still needs a background

5. i hate how even on a low quality export, Flash still decides to muck around with it so you get these stupid shadows and ghosts.

6. i had to improvise the last part of the animation as i had some body photos missing so i had to reuse what i already had.

So far, so lame.

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