Sunday, 8 May 2011

Check it.

So for this module, we have to help out a 3rd year with their work.
I paired up with a nice lad, James. For my first task, he sent me a video of his trailer for his animation and asked me to put sound on it:

"...Mainly I need footsteps + prob background sound of dark atmosphere. sound that implies tension + disruption of the worlds balance lol if u can pul that off that wud be great."- I took this as my brief.

I found most of my sounds off free sound websites (not as easy as it sounds and there's a lot of catches), and downloading sounds usually comes in .wav or .mp3 format, and for use in Final Cut Pro, i had to convert these tracks in iTunes into an AIFF format before i could import. Using these tracks, i could manipulate them to my liking, so i cut many of these sounds so i could just have snippets or repeat certain sections i liked.

Thank god i'm well rehearsed in basic sound editing on Final Cut Pro- this meant i found it relatively easy and i had the motivation to impress. And as before when i do this kinda thing, i got into the zone, head down, stuck in and actually i really enjoyed myself! I forgot how much i enjoyed sound editing :)... maybe i'll wanna look more into this area further down the line...

So! Here it is, i hope you enjoy (NB: might have to turn the sound up on your computer because some bits are quite subtle):

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