Saturday, 21 May 2011

Target Audience Research

When i asked James what his target audience was he replied:

"well im not so sure if this suits the animation but the target audience is 11-20"

Err... right i don't know how many 20 year olds still watch cartoons besides my lovely self and my entire course. But still, i decided to look at what successful cartoons there are out there at the moment to suit this market. I reckon it's quite hard to ask 11 year olds what cartoons they like as they're usually at that stage when cartoons are "for losers"... Oh, woe is me. Well, i'm going to share what i think is amazing out there for this generation, and what i remember as being "TOTALLY FRIGGIN AWESOME" when i was 11. As you can probably tell, i was no average 11 year old girl.

I absolutely LOVED (and still do) Spongebob when i was a kid. It's absolutely hilarious and not just when i was younger, but i still find it amazing. Literally just based on the skill of the animators to portray emotion makes it heart achingly funny. I love how in this episode, kids are secretly taught about global warming when watching their favourite cartoon. The bright colours and funny characters attract the younger audience, whilst the jokes still tickle the humour of slightly older viewers.

I always thought Ed, Edd n Eddy was a pretty clever cartoon. It has a unique line boiling style which is a bit trippy and makes the characters look like their always moving. This is particularly attractive to hyper kids that can't stay still. What i always loved was that some of the colouring is completely off, like some kids tongue is blue and another guy's teeth are green and everyones got weird coloured skin; and i loved the fact the storyline is sooo crazy and all the stuff is off-scale. It really reminds you that when you were a child, everything that was weird was just accepted. Of course the roofs of the houses all cave in like soggy dilapidated books! Why wouldnt they be?!!

Another one i remember loving was Ren and Stimpy. So incredibly stupid and creepy but for some reason i loved it. Even though the colours are pretty muted and every episode went into gruesome detail, i couldn't help loving it and i know a fair few people my age that still love this animation.

Last one- Looney Toons. I'm wondering if I just love this because of nostalgia rather than it being amazing in 2011. You can't lose with Looney Toons- it's funny and makes you want to do half the things they do in the animation in real life. Either way, it's vintage, the colours are almost realistic to the references and it's timeless.

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