Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sound Research II

Okay, so i've looked at similar animated cartoons, i thought it was time to look at old kung-fu/martial arts movies and see what sounds were used. I'd expect that the sounds used in live action combat would be less exaggerated and more realistic....

After watching this well known martial arts clip, i noticed there was just a simple background music to set the mood, and a lot of swooshes, whips and typical action sounds when punches and kicks were being thrown; along with grunts from the characters, the surrounding props being broken made more sound than they probably would in real life. This surprised me as i guess even in live action films, sounds will still be exaggerated so that the scene looks more interesting and dramatic.

In Bruce Lee's clip there's a slightly different approach to the sounds used. Granted yes it is in the 70's, so there are some comical sound effects (i.e. the bounce noise at 4:32-4:24) but it's still successful in capturing my attention. Again, all the sounds are exaggerated. However, there is minimal music in the combat scenes, just an opening sequence to set the tone and then only the sound effects are heard so that the audience's focus is solely on the fight.

This clip uses the same cheesey oriental music with typical chinese instruments. More exaggerated combat sound effects aswell.

A slightly modern take on a martial arts film, it has more of a cinematic feel with a mix of western and oriental instruments for the backing music, it also changes depending on what's going on in the scene, i.e. flutes start to play or drums beat when a character turns their head suddenly or if a fighter strikes. Otherwise, everything still stays pretty typical of a kung fu film.

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