Wednesday, 11 May 2011


"250 word typed evaluation reflecting on your experiences of working in a group. This should include any problem solving and/or innovative solutions. This can be written on your blogs."

New to working in a collaborative environment, I definitely found it arduous and tedious at times when communication was lacking. However, when morales were high the work would flow easily and the input of different ideas, especially when from other sectors of art, would inspire our group to achieve a high standard work ethic.

Hard times arose when a couple of the team flaked away, leaving the rest of group to buckle slightly under their abandoned workload. We encouraged each other and eventually were able to organise ourselves around this bout of bad luck. No doubt had the group fully stuck together, we may have been able to produce an even better animated advert.

Good communication is an important attribute to have in any good working team. Luckily, our group was able to establish this fact early and we exchanged contact details, set up a shared Dropbox and created a private Facebook group, where we could discuss, upload work in progress, make comments and critique. Being able to easily reach to each other benefited the bond in the group and we found it comfortable to work together.

If I was to do the same or similar brief again, I would have made sure the entire audio sequence was transferred to dopesheets before allocating each animator a certain amount of work. Not using this method meant that some people was confused or misunderstood, and some parts were done twice by the same person and other parts were left unfinished. Therefore, when it was time to collaborate all the work, the final animation suffered, meaning the team probably did more work than was necessary. So, our organisational skills could be much improved, but having had this experience, I will be able to apply this knowledge in the future.

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