Saturday, 16 April 2011

Finding a Style

I've decided to do a mini project on the side of all my uni projects. It all started before Easter when i was stressing out because all my drawings look different and i still haven't yet come up with my own style of drawing. So i've given myself an exercise.

1) Sketch a few images of myself so at least i can draw myself in this new style i'll be finding
2) Draw myself in several different styles
3) Find styles i like and draw myself in those styles
4) Merge them together
5) Using inspiration from photos, draw them out in the new style.

Here are a few sketches i've done so far, yes i know some are crap but it's all trial and error:

Biro: close study of my face in the mirror. Manipulating eyes and using that as a starting point.

Biro: drawing of myself using one of the styles of eyes i created as an anchor.

Biro: found a pose online i liked and recreated it. Focusing mainly on hair flow.

Mechanical Pencil: based on an image found on deviantart but drawn in my progressing style.

Biro: drawing of myself from imagination. Slightly messy since the pen decided to fart every so often and the right arm looks strangely long.

Mechanical Pencil: took inspiration from a found vector style and adapted my own interpretation. Turned into a fitness instructor and annoyingly, reminds me of Bratz.

Mechanical Pencil: first attempt at drawing from a photo reference. Girl on the right has a really squished forehead, placed her too far in... oh well, you live and you learn.

Mechanical Pencil: few sketches of myself from photo references using my new style.

Mechanical Pencil: same as above, but started drawing a few friends from photo references too. Their eyes have to be slightly different as they're Caucasian so need to figure out how to draw for them too.

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