Monday, 7 May 2012

Title Sequence

I'm really aiming for something really cheesy and a little bit ghastly.

This is what I've produced so far...  I chose for autumnal vegetably colours to filter the images. I wanted something simple, corny but got the point across. Obviously it will also be more effective once i've got the sound on it.

Having done that, I've tried to put some music tracks over it. But I'm actually finding this a lot more difficult than i originally anticipated... I don't actually have a lot of experience in putting music behind animations, let alone a cheesy title sequence. It's quite hard to think of what kind of mood i'm wanting, as well as finding a free sound (i'm using Garageband), AND being able to cut it to a decent length so that the music doesn't stop really suddenly- as it's only a short time that this sequence is actually up.

This first one has more a cheeky, cheerful feel. I find it also has that kind of boring talk show melody, the type that kids would turn off but totally suits the middle aged market for television. I quite like it, but it was hard to cut down the music for this one. And as a result, I think that the stamp of "exposed" on the title is timed a bit weirdly when played with the music:

This next one is a bit more jazzy, a bit more modern and rock. It kind of gives it a more exciting and american reality TV feel almost. I think the timing is a lot better than the previous one. It's just a matter of which mood I prefer... Or not at all! I could choose a different track altogether if my feedback pushes me to:

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