Thursday, 10 May 2012

Scene 1: Intro Cont'd

So i believe today i'm continuing this scene and sorting out the acting. I'm quite worried about how this scene will turn out, I want it to be really good as it's the first scene you see of the animation.
However, it'll probably end up being of the same standard as the rest of it.

Animating the eyes and blinks:

Animating the arms and brows:

Although this was intended to be a test, I quite like the subtle movement in it, so i might keep it how it is. Or am i just being lazy? I'll have to come back to it if I feel that it needs something else, but for now i'm pretty satisfied.

The next thing I've done is tried to merge the title sequence and scene 1 together to make it seem like a convincing transition, typical for television:


I've just realised I forgot to put in the carrot's stats at the beginning- just to add that extra finish to it. So here it is:

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