Monday, 14 May 2012

Post Production & Feedback

Sorry for the quietness- I've been working on Scene 19, the live action carrot massacre, the overall sounds of the final animation and general edits. I've been having a real problem with timing, apparently that's my only downfall according to my housemates, who have been regularly watching my work and basically witnessing the process from start to finish. Throughout this production line, they've constantly been poking and pointing me in the right direction which i'm incredibly thankful to them for!

So far, with their feedback, this is what i've produced. There are still some tweaks that need err... tweaking:

On top of this first test i've uploaded, I felt i needed some feedback from fresh eyes, so i've posted this first test video onto the BCU Animation Students Facebook Group:

As much as I appreciate those "Likes", i wish they were converted to constructive feedback -_-', suppose I can't complain. So far, the general consensus seems to be to just focus on refining and shortening the carrot massacre scene, which is totally doable, thank god. 

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the god-awful cheesy music. I thought it stuck out like a sore thumb, but without the music it didn't seem to be effective. Therefore, I have a love/hate relationship with the soundtrack. However, no one has mentioned it, so i guess it's not that prominent?... Let's hope i get some more..



I've been told that one way i could improve the music if i'm unhappy with it would be to keep to only one track from scene scene 17 to 19, but just make sure it gets louder during the torture scene for more dynamic, then it should stop as soon as the knife stops.

This sounds like a really good idea so i'll have to see what that looks like:

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