Thursday, 3 May 2012

Scene 14: Tammy

Yesterday and today, I've been finishing off these scene. This scene has been a bloody nightmare for me as it took me ages to figure out actually what to do visually for this... I needed something sweet and innocent to sugar up the mood and to make it obvious to the viewers that this is when the character met the love of his life.

Looking at the miserable weather outside, I came up with the idea of the carrot being saved from the depressing rain by a kind gesture of offering an umbrella from Tammy. It's cute, it's warming and it makes you go aww... unlike the rest of the animation.

For this scene, I've had to take a few liberties, as usually i'd fit the animation around the sound... but the pauses weren't right and the mood was rushed, so i'm going to have to manually edit the sound so that the animation can take as much time as it needs for this slow song.

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