Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Scene 1: Intro

Today's been a hectic day.
Don't even ask...

I've basically had to do the same 2 tasks (dopesheeting and lip syncing) twice today because uni computers are crap and life hates me.

On the bright side, I've managed to record the missing 2 scenes! Still no word on the "Next time" extra that I want to add on if i have time.

Here's me trying to match up the lip syncing first on this first scene, before I do the acting. The first part doesn't really matter in terms of acting or matching or anything actually, since this will probably be covered with the title sequence as it fades in.

Forget that he has no eyes for now- I'm just focusing on his mouth.

It's so hard to lip sync when words slur together naturally... Particularly towards the end, you can tell i've really struggled with this.

It's pretty late so i might work on the acing tomorrow...

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