Sunday, 5 February 2012

Statement of Intent

A more formal proposition of what my project intends to be:

I intend to produce an interactive follow-along recipe using 2-D digital animation. The format will be suitable so that it may later possibly develop to be a smart phone app. In this project, I will only produce one interactive animated recipe, in which the users can press buttons to go to the next/previous page. It will be a visual recipe, where the measurements are mostly by eye.

I will first be creating my designs using collaged materials, and eventually import these into Adobe Flash and use the different textures to animate with. It will offer an alternative and interesting aesthetic and hopefully be in it's own niche. Actionscript would then be programmed in for the interactive parts.

The formal submission date is 24th May.
I intend to have my project ready for hand-in a week before (17th May), so that any final details or last thoughts can be considered and the work can still be easily amended in time.

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