Sunday, 26 February 2012

Research & Influences

Searching for styles and inspiration regarding vegetables is surprisingly amusing and easy to come by.
And usually, different animations for this subject would have their own unique style.

I've found a couple of well known and lesser known animations that i've found inspiration in. Whether it's in humour content or style.

Now, I absolutely LOATHE the annoying orange. He's very annoying. But i just had to reference it as it's popular for a reason. Undeniably, the style is it's own. It uses a live action background, what looks like some naff google images. But it's the faces that attract people. The eyes are one eye doubled, to give it a really unsettling look, and the mouths looks a bit strange- i don't know if they're upside down.
The only thing i can commend is the originality of the aesthetics.

I found this video a few years ago. It's very amusing as it personifies vegetables, giving them a funny life each. The arms and legs for each character also allow them to further their actions and hold items. The facial expressions are typical to anime- which is something i don't want to go too near to. But the humour aspect and the way they talk about life as if they're living inspires me to apply this to my work.

Not alot to say about this video, other than the style really intrigued me. A live action/ photographic background with animated facial expressions ontop. They also have shadows under their eyes to give them a stuck-on feel. Interesting merge of techniques. I like.

I laugh everytime i watch this. I love the stupid faces they all have. I want my characters to have an endearing moronic touch. It gives an alternative idea or perspective of how vegetables might act when we're not around, say compared to the vegetable suicide video (3 videos above). Instead of being actually very intelligent, this animations suggests that they're actually just as stupid as we think they are. I love that so much.

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