Monday, 20 February 2012

Messin about

So since my last post, i've been playing around on Flash to get an idea of what i want the movement to be like for my animation... So far i've done one test which kind of mimics a stop-motion movement... it was easy to do and mistakes are easily masked by the twitchy and jolty movement...

here's the test- it kinda reminds me of a waitrose advert... with their food collage faces.. remember??
or is that just me making things up?? i'll try and find a picture if i can..

All the collage materials i found for this test were from the internet- they were just free stock textures. In the actual animation, i'd like to keep it to paper textures but since i dont have access to a scanner at the moment, i used the next best thing available to me.

It was all done in the same procedure, except i cut all the shapes out on photoshop, using my graphics tablet at the scissors :P

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