Monday, 20 February 2012

Is it possible??..

I've been a big fan of PES animations- they use different materials and objects to signify or replace real objects in their work. Although it's all stop-motion and pixelation, i have a feeling that my work with the intended collage style, might end up looking a bit like PES but in a 2-D digital form...


I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to move all my characters around when they're in a collaged style... but i might be getting ahead of myself as i'm behind schedule and havent even played around with the possibilities yet! Which i will do today. Promise.

Anyway, looking at these videos has given me inspiration to a new idea of how to move objects. I'm aware that the jumpy quality to the animations is a given when doing stop-motion due to the fact that the objects are live and being moved by hand. However, i still find it quite endearing and it has that hand-made-iness quality that i'm so fond of.

Maybe i can purposely try to inject this quality into my animations... this may not agree very well with Flash since it's so well-known for having that smooth "Flashy" feel... I may rebel against the the look and make my own now... Hmm...

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