Saturday, 25 February 2012


Having looked at my work from last week, i can only conclude that they have confirmed about how BORED i am with my project. 


NOT a good start!

The whole thing is it one style and it's all quite vectory and it's boring. And i like to get a bit more practical with my work. At least i'd like a project where i can be more practical.

Yesterday, on my walk back from uni with Joe, i came up with a new idea, a more exciting idea that will definitely engage me for a few months.

It's still on the line of food- mostly vegetables. But i was thinking of doing something along the lines of a comedy interview/documentary of an e.g. arrogant carrot and his superstar lifestyle (he thinks he's awesome because he helps people see in the dark).

I thought i could introduce his friends and characters aswell. 

So it'll just be him ranting on as if in an interview and then as he talks about memories about his life, it'll cut to the scene of various different things he's talking about- and i thought this would allow me to use different animation styles too so i wouldn't get bored e.g. some in digital and some with live action and rotascoping...

It's all going to be quite rude and crude as this carrot is a bit of a dick and thinks he gets all the babes and he'll reminise about his dating and veggie chat-up tactics. e.g. "I want your butt and my nuts squashed together"

I've done a few pages in my sketchbook to jot down ideas and try and show the feel of comedy i'm after...

I've based the carrot's design a lot on the Worms games. The character design for this game, i find is highly impressive. The facial proportions allow for extensive expression and exaggerated emotion. The fact that the worm's shape is similar to the carrot makes it easier to translate the inspiration. I don't plan to copy the design but have a recognisable influence.

I love the cut-out mouth when the worm is sideways- i definitely think that this is something i'll apply to the carrot's design.

butternut blow up doll 

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