Monday, 14 November 2011

Style Searching

I've been looking for a style i like to inspire and influence my animation. So far i've been dithering in and out of my own style and i don't think it's as solid as i'd like... i think i'd feel more safe to have something to base the aesthetics on. I found this following animation on Cartoon Brew was animated by Alex Dron of Yukfoo Animation. I've seen some Fot and Angus animations before, once at last year's Flip Festival.

FOT & AnguS EP4 from alex dron on Vimeo.

The style is quite striking as it reminds me of Cartoon Network back in the day, the characters have a flat, almost cut-out like style so it looks Flashy yet handmade at the same time. They use 2-D in a really imaginative way so that the cut outs don't look tacky when they move. The lighting is all set in the background so that it doesn't need to move with the characters- making the work load a lot easier. This is definitely a style i want to try and translate into my work and see if it's effective....

This is an New Zealand Vodafone advert by the same guy- loving the bright colours- they all go together and aren't garish... the smooth camera transitions and the fun character movement... i think i've found an animation crush!... and what i love is that they've been doing adverts as well (e.g. Vodafone, Cinebuzz, car adverts and some charities) which is what i'm doing in this project!! ACE!


Here's another advert Yukfoo have done, slightly different style but you can tell it's all very similar by the transitions. A more realistic 2-D approach. Reminds me of those safety demonstrations the cabin crew gives you on a plane before you take off.

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