Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Cupcake Tour

To get more bakery knowledge and see what the produce looks like for successful sweet businesses out there, i've decided to attack the heart of London. I've tried to make the most cost effective (keeping in Zone 1) and quickest route around... i'll need to settle on a day to go aswell... There were other bakeries but they were too far to reach and the others were quite happily close together.

So the idea is, is that i will drag a hungry housemate out with me to London where we will go on this cupcake tour, i will be recording my adventure with my camera, taking pictures of the establishments, and hopefully if they'll let me, take pictures of the cakes, sample a cake between us from all the bakeries (we're gonna be so fat!) and for my own interest, i'll be recording and noting down taste of the cakes and general experience.

I know it's a nightmare headache to read, but basically, i'll be following the squiggly red route around. All the text in opaque black writing are bakeries i won't be able to reach or are just branches of ones i'll already be visiting.

So if this all goes to plan, and if we're not dragging our feet, or get too fat, i'll be visiting NINE bakeries in total... 

Better get out the maternity pants.

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