Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Rough Idea...

I did this last week, it's still unfinished.

The original idea was that i was going to a small, rough animation so that i had somewhere appropriate to place my thoughts.. only because when i look at storyboards i find it hard to translate it onto the software... I'm more of a hands-on, let's get stuck in kinda gal (oo-err!).. ahem.

As i said, it's unfinished- i'm running out of time so i thought it was best i concentrated on the actual thing, rather than fannying around with rough ideas- since now, i pretty much know how things are gonna go. (except the butter, i'm still trying to figure out how the butter's going to be introduced).

It's all a bit mixed as well, last week i had no idea about character designs or whatever so i literally drew whatever. It's just to mark out how things are going to enter and exit and get a feel for the general pace of the animation.

Oh, and one last thing.
I know the flour enters and then suddenly disappears. He will be tripping over, making the flour go into the bowl, pick himself up and scurry off. But yeah, by then i had been working for a good 6-7 hours straight and nothing was working anymore.

Apologies and forgiveness.

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