Thursday, 3 November 2011


So when i looked at my videos and tried to copy the movement of the bowl, freehand, it was insanely difficult, mainly because the perspective is constantly changing and it basically was a giant mess that messed up my brain and then my head exploded.

So i thought id make life a little easier.

I've never rotascoped in my life, but i knew it was possible on Flash. I (very proudly) announce that i actually taught myself how to rotascope- no tutorials, no articles, no nothing. Just using the prompts from Flash, i knew to convert my mp4 video files to flv files, imported them to the library, dragged onto the stage and SHAZZAM!! i could scrub through the video frame by frame and using a different layer, i could draw ontop ^_^ happy days.

I'm aware that using this method can distort the audio of the recorded file, but that's fine because i wasnt using sound.

So here are my 2 rotascoped bowls:

i apologise for the marks on the videos AGAIN- this is the reason i love toon boom and hate flash, because exports just don't work for me on that programme. Anyway, having looked at both of these little bowl entrances, i think i prefer the 2nd, as it would best suit the fast-paced animation i'm preparing to do.

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