Thursday, 27 October 2011


I've been generating ideas for a design for this web banner. I've storyboarded one of my ideas.. it'll hopefully be quite fast paced and sickeningly merry, cheery and cute. Fast-paced so that it'll catch attention, and cute because it'll better suit the audience that appreciates cute cupcakes and treats..

So basically:

  1. gingerbread man enters pulling something on a string? tea towel? ribbon?
  2. he pulls in a mixing bowl
  3. bowl in centre
  4. things start to jump around and add ingredients to the bowl- sugar trots in and sprinkles in and exits
  5. egg rolls in, cracks on the side and opens
  6. net comes in and catches the shell (similar to slapstick hooked cane movement)
  7. butter comes in, jumps up and breaks into cubes
  8. cloud floats in and adds flower "flour"
  9. loud clunking is heard
  10. electric whisk clunks in
  11. electric whisk whisks everything
  12. POOF 
  13. bowl turns into cake
  14. piping bag/ writing icing ices name of blog onto cake

I know everything seems to be coming in from the left and exiting right, but i'd mix this up in the actual animation and speed it up so it's not so predictable and static.

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