Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Right. I've had my fun. Now for the work.

It only just hit me yesterday evening how much work i have to get done in such little time. So waking up early, i lugged my 28" mac downstairs to the massive kitchen table, along with the graphics tablet to set up the ultimate workstation. No more mister (miss) nice guy (lady). It's time to get a boot up my backside.

So, to start of this day of intense work, i thought i'd share my work plan... i know some of the dates have already planned, but you'll just have to trust it was being stored in my subconscious :P

Time to actually put this plan into action. Obviously, im aware i may not stick to this plan to the letter, but as long as everything gets done, i'm not too worried. More posts to come as i beaver away.

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