Thursday, 13 October 2011

Learning how to use Pencil at 21 years old

Just watching some tutorials..

and doing some testing... excuse the crudeness and i know the second bounce looks like a rollercoaster but oh well..

The most annoying thing ive found using Pencil is that you can't choose how many keyframes you can onion skin through, you only have the choice of the keyframe immediately before or immediately after... so you basically have to guess where your inbetweens have to go, unless you draw a rough guide on another layer and draw ontop. However, i guess it's not a bad programme to get for free... oh!! and another annoyance is that you can't colour pick your colours, you can only use the given default colours or use a colour slider/mixer which i find a bit time consuming to use...

a walking baked bean

it's a bit of a primitive programme but easy enough to teach yourself how to use, but for anything detailed, i'd need to use a different software with more advanced controls.

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