Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Slight Breakthrough...

Thanks to one very helpful blog, i finally managed to find out what i was doing wrong on Toon Boom when animating. I've been searching and searching over the past few days to find out what could possibly be the problem. I now understand that the exposure sheets act as the "graphics" would in flash and the layers are used to lengthen your animation. So this programme actually makes you "nest" all your animations. Useful!!

Here's the blog:

First stage of playing around (it's supposed to be a stickman throwing a ball)... at least he moves:

adding inbetweens... (i know he has no weight but i just playing around at the moment)..

an armless man walking...

I've been trying to animate a bouncing ball but im having trouble setting keyframes on this bloody programme. I'm pretty sure im doing the right thing, ive been reading and rereading this tutorial and it still wont go right. keyframes arent being set and nothing is staying put... desperately searching for the solution...

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