Thursday, 20 January 2011


Last term, i pitched to a client (student services) for a competition brief... it was about the piggy bank remember?
i did it on flash and never managed to get it on here :(
but anyway, it's an interactive animation to big up student services and what they have to offer students in money woes...
it really was the slippiest, most dangerous, frustrating and mind numbing learning curve i've ever had the pleasure of being dragged down.. but i managed to make it out alive- if anything, a little scraped and bruised (this is because i've never used flash before like ever)..

so yes, naturally i was chuffed when i managed to win 1st place in the competition :)
so this means you'll be able to see the animation on the student services website soon!

im so happy all that effort didn't go unnoticed since it really wasn't the time of my life.

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