Sunday, 16 January 2011

Cool shizz

I found some quite inspiring images from which i got some ideas for various ways of animating things or interesting concepts... however, i'm not sure if i can actually use any of these for the given briefs but at least i can put them down for possible future use...

"Friends Forever" by S-S-J

I thought this image was sooo cute!! so simple yet effective. It carries the idea of finger puppets and the fact that if you think about your fingers as individuals, they are always together, just like best friends. This then gave me the idea of a kind of finger-puppet animation, mixed with pixilation, digital animation and some very cute costume designs :)

"The Junction" by jonnygoodboy

This image has used the fish-eye lens so cleverly, paths we wouldn't usually see with our normal vision, can be seen when the image is curved (duh!).. anyway, this kind of made me think that if i was a clock, this might be what i'd see (in reference to the clockmakers brief)... so like clock-eye view, right?? :P... so i thought this maybe an interesting theme to flow throughout a clock related animation.

"I want you with me" by Alephunky

I've kept this image for a while, just because it's very sweet and innocent... although it's just an image, it did give me the idea for animating in a live space using paper... i know it's not the most original idea but i do admire when people go back to organic simple methods :) it just made me smile.

I'm sure everyone's familiar with hearing about the IT Crowd on TV... well i saw the DVD in HMV the other day, and although i've never watched an episode, i fell in love with the cover of it and the little people on the front ^_^... they reminded me a lot of the people on Habbo Hotel which i admit, i played copious amounts of when i was younger.. shame on me.

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