Sunday, 30 January 2011

Life Drawing

I was actually quite happy with what i achieved in this week's life drawing session :)
we were focusing on hand studies for the first part of the lesson, (before the model arrived) and i thought this would be an excellent chance to put into practice, all the thing's i studied up on about drawing hands (see previous blog post)... but i have to do 20 more of those puppies for my homework! wa-hey! so, im going to be very unhappy if i can't draw a very realistic hand after all this practice...

In order of creation ;) :

1. I drew out construction lines, looking at the simple shapes of all the parts of the hands, before working out certain measurements and proportions for the detail.

2. Continuous line technique- i've always loved using this technique, it's so free and really makes you focus on the form. The curve and flow of lines also have to demonstrate the 3-D shape. This is probably my favourite sheet out of the lesson :)

3. The model arrived and we had 10 minutes to sketch out her position. Again, i divided up her body into shapes, such as the oval for her hips to accentuate and exaggerate her features.

4. Pretty much the same activity as the previous sketch... I'm quite happy with her top half and especially the awkward hand that points behind her... However, i wish i polished up her visible ankle and the foot... looking back, i should have shaped up the foot- similar to how i draw hands...

5. 30 second sketch positions- Please, please, please just ignore the horrific starter on the top left (and top right)!! everything was just lopsided and looks like her center of gravity was all off :(... but otherwise, i'm quite happy with these- particularly the top middle, i like the strong confident lines- and i wish to carry this through in the future when i do quick sketches.

6. 10 to 5 second sketches- The top right, is my least favourite (what is going out with her inside out legs?!!)... Anyway, besides that one, the rest im happy with- im glad you can actually figure out what position the model's in. I even asked my (not-an-artistic-bone-in-his-body) boyfriend, whether he could tell and he did!! Woop!!... From the top down, the time got shorter and shorter so this was when the strength and shape of line counted the most.

As for blogging about my brief project, i've been doing some research in my sketchbook relating to clocks, and animations on time etc etc... Unfortunately, i'm yet to find a stable idea to continue forward. Some serious idea develop in need right here!!

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