Monday, 10 January 2011

Am I Late??

Phew! i was definately scared that i'd forgotten my resolution, but yes, thank god i've remembered to blog something that i like.

Today i've decided to rant, muse and fawn over this exciting image:
"Wallflower" by shadesofeleven [pencil, ink, ps]

This is one of the many deviantart images i've favourited. Not only is it really striking in the position and expression of the model, but i love how this contrasts against the soft neutral tones used- it really gives it a sort of delicate elegance to a very strong a bold subject.

I love how the hair kind of fizzles away into the corner, giving it an abstract balance to the image, but the way it blushes out almost gives the illusion of ink dropping into water- you know? the way it curls and reaches to the bottom? that's what the hair made me think of anyway.

I only wish i could make art like this!!

However, although i understand the long swan-like neck of hers carries on that elegant theme, i don't like where it ends. It's quite abrupt for the end of the model, i probably would have preferred some more suggestion of collar or collarbones, even just a wash of it just to continue the dream-like quality, but i guess this may have added a bit too much reality and stableness, since she does kind of look like a drop of ink.

Whenever i see this, it always inspires me to try some watercolour or ink type sketches- but i always seem to be too impatient or heavy-handed. I guess, amongst all the other things i wish to be good at, i think this should give me enough incentive to learn and train myself to use liquid media- because i do love all those life drawing images when you can captivate the movement by just the weight and curve of brush strokes. Beautiful.

Now, where have my brushes and ink gone??...

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