Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mr. Internet's been kind today :)

I found a bunch of new stuff that i liked recently!! I can't wait to blog about all of them but it might take me years so i think i'll just have to be selective... Booo :(

Also, we've started our new module at uni "Business of Animation" in which we're focusing on participating in live briefs for clients and companies which is rather exciting- so rather than blogging about all the crazy shizz that i have been, i think i'll try to picky about the ones i write about, as some have actually brought me some inspiration that i could use in the briefs i might choose...

There isn't a limit to the amount of briefs we can look at... although we were suggested 5.. i can't choose between 3 of them!
These are my understandings of the suggested briefs:
  • BBC- creating a sort of interactive environment in which you can cleverly display their wide range of info in an ever-expanding archive.
  • Fairtrade- creating a short contemporary film which inspires the public to take action and be a part of creating a better world in terms of giving underpaid farmers etc the deserved money to survive etc.. So basically encouraging the idea of Fairtrade and to give an incentive to the viewers to care more. (that sounded horrible but that's not what i meant)
  • SEGA- Sonic will be celebrating his 20th anniversary this year. Create a piece of communication to celebrate this or something that is inspired by this.
  • Worshipful Company of Clockmakers- Submit a piece of work which explores the concept of time. (a very open and err.. well the brief was lacking in any sort of explanation but this is pretty much what i gathered).
  • Disney- I didn't actually get to see this brief but i understand that you're required to design a character and bring it to life with emotion in an animation.
I still haven't fully decided as i can't pick between Sega, Clockmakers and Disney.. Sega and Disney pretty much illustrates my entire childhood (and probably everyone elses- but shh... i was pretty much the only kid that had a crush on Sonic the Hedgehog) So, it's very hard to not want to give back to the companies that contributed so much to my past laziness on the sofa, irrational hunger for gold hoops, or an unrealistic insight into how falling in love will be... Still waiting for Rhys to trot along on a pearly stallion... PAhahahaha... See what i mean??

However, i think i'll probably lean more towards the Clockmakers brief. The reason being that it is a VERY open brief and i like to experiment a lot, i've never really liked to use one medium to create a piece of work. To me, it seems quite flat, there's no body or (dare i insult for my own opinion?) love put into the work. The more media there is in a piece of work, to me, that has already shown me how much the artist cared or dived into the idea. So! i think this brief allows me this kind of freedom... the only thing im worried about is the deadline... i'd have been much happier if i had like a year to do it.. but the industry never waits does it?

I've actually babbled on so much about the new briefs that i haven't actually put up any of the original stuff i was going to talk about... let me have a shower first and i'll think about it :P

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